Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring has sprung

I love spring. I love the weather, the sunshine, the flowers, and Easter. Here are some new things I have come across that I'm drooling over for spring.

Nothing reminds me of spring like the smell of gardenia. Except maybe fresh cut grass...but I don't think they have a grass-scented candle yet. I bought this candle earlier this year in the largest size they make. I've almost burned it all up. I love it.

KEY LIME CUPCAKES yum. J and I went to a cooking class earlier this year and they had a booth with these beauties. Ever since I've been looking for a good recipe. I found one on (duh) Pinterest finally.

Margarita sweet potato vine. I bought a little of this last year and it grew like crazy. It's perfect for beginners like me! and it's so pretty and vibrant.

Kate Spade Mug - this is adorable. I've been kind of into gold lately and this is so cute! They have other mugs that are just as cute.

This would be the prefect place to read on a spring day....ahhhh.

I bought this a little while back and I love it. It's Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Dish Soap. It smells like spring....

I'll add more later!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Harper Grace

I love how that wild patch of hair in the center of the back of your head. I love how you say, “mama, where are you?” when I walk out of th...