Tuesday, September 11, 2012

never forget

This is a day that will always make me feel a little hollow. It is so very sad to think that there are people in this world who grow up hating the United States and everything the citizens here stand for. I was in seventh grade on September 11, 2001. Even though I didn't know anyone who passed away in the events, its shock waves reached the entire country. I'll never forget that day, even though I was too young to begin have a clue how important everything was. I watched the 2nd plane hit the 2nd tower live from my classroom at Pike Liberal Arts . It is one of those moments I can still picture in my mind. It's engrained there. But that day is not what I like to think about...it is those days following. Even though I was so young I will never forget the way our mighty country stood up and squared its shoulders to face what was the greatest act of terrorism on our soil. As the towers fell, America stood up. And got mad. There were no Republicans or Democrats...we were just all Americans. It was incredible to see. It breaks my heart to think some have forgotten the helpless feelings of that day and those who fought and still fight to make sure we never feel that way again. I thank God that President Bush made it clear who we needed to turn to as a country...God Himself. I will never forget.

Harper Grace

I love how that wild patch of hair in the center of the back of your head. I love how you say, “mama, where are you?” when I walk out of th...