Thursday, June 28, 2012


here's to the next 365

Last Wednesday was a special day. It was our anniversary. It always seems strange to me that another year rolls around, because it seems like just yesterday that we became MR and MRS. Then at the same time, it seems like we've always been together.

In honor of our anniversary, I decided to post some things about my sweet husband that make this girl smile.

1. He is a man of God. This is 100% the reason we are together: the Gospel.
2. Justin is the most self-less person I've ever met. He is always thinking of others before himself and it is a quality that I have loved in him from the minute I met him.
3. He balances me out perfectly. If any of you know me, you know I can be a little uptight and that I worry about everything. Justin is so laid-back and (I'll admit) sometimes annoyingly care-free. I am a planner and he is spontaneous. He is so good for my crazy.
4. He is not picky. I mean, this guy will eat anything. He'll admit he doesn't like something and still eat it. I hope our kids are like this! haha
5. He doesn't pop popcorn in the house, because he knows the smell makes me gag.
6. I can watch almost every college football game of the year with him.
7. He has always fit perfectly into my family.
8. He is always making me try new things. He makes something he knows nothing about look so enticing. Did I mention he's in sales?
9. He randomly washes the dishes, cooks supper and cleans the entire house before I get home. It always seems to happen on days I needed it the most.
10. He has the best laugh ever.
11. He always sees the good in people first.
12. He can't watch our 2 cats walk across the room without throwing something at them.
13. He has a good sense of humor.
14. It is near to impossible to make him mad.
15. He loves me. And has never been afraid to tell me.

I love you, Justin.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


since I haven't posted in a while, I thought I would post another "favorite products" post. I always love reading these when bloggers do them, I want to do another! (Check out my bff's latest one here.)

So, I'll start with my favorite beauty item EVER.

This is the Clarisonic Mia Original (there is now a Mia 2, with 2 speed settings instead of one) in pink.

These things are a little pricey, but I got mine on sale at a boutique in Troy about a year ago. I absolutely LOVE IT. It does a much better job than just your hands and it lathers cleansers beautifully. I actually bought the deep cleansing brush head to put on mine (it comes with a sensitive one, but I felt I needed a little deeper exfoliation).

My next "must-have" is my Philosophy Purity facial wash.

This stuff is really gentle, but still does a really good job. I've been using it for a few years (after I got a free sample from Sephora, yay) and if I have ever (for some reason) tried anything else, I always go back to it. It's simple. Plus, Philosophy's line is always packaged really cute-ly.

Next is my moisturizer.

This is Bliss' Triple Oxygen+C Energizing Cream. The name is a little ridiculous, I know, but I got this at that same boutique in Troy the day I bought my Mia. I have since been through 2 jars of this stuff and I love it. It smells like oranges and it isn't oily or sticky. Perfect.

This is my Pink Grapefruit Scrub by Neutrogena.

I don't need to exfoliate with scrubs as much (enter clarisonic), but I like using this scrub about twice a week in the shower. It's acne-clearing components are good, and it smells HEAVENLY. And it's cheap.

I'll post my make-up later! Woo, this was fun!

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