Monday, October 10, 2011

study break

right now i'm taking a break from my online class. i'm a little distracted and i realized i hadn't written in a while. and i thought i'd get better at this blogging thing! not a whole lot has been going on.. justin is getting ready for hunting season.. he's getting the itch. and me, i'm just spending every waking minute (it seems) doing homework. i have an overwhelming amount to read this semester... ahh the joys of being an english major! i'm finishing up one novel for this week soon and starting another a.s.a.p. i need to start that 4 days ago. too much! anyway, i'm blessed that i'm able to go to school. and one as fine as troy. (sarcasm...that is for another, much more lengthy post) i'm finished. back to homework!

Harper Grace

I love how that wild patch of hair in the center of the back of your head. I love how you say, “mama, where are you?” when I walk out of th...