Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a few of my favorite things...

I am not dead. I promise. I have just taken a little unintentional break from blogging. I don't really have an excuse either... but to play catch up a little, here are some things I have been loving lately.

Christmas is officially one week away. I know everyone says "I can't believe it's Christmas already, blah blah blah" but seriously...can you believe it's almost here? I feel like it always takes FOR.EV.ER to get here and then, suddenly, it's here. One of my favorite things about Christmas is giving things to people I love and one of my favorite gifts this year was to my favorite "little" brother.
This is Jack. He's a beagle and he stole everyone's heart in 2.7 seconds. It was VERY hard to give him up.

Of course, any and all Christmas-y drinks at Starbucks:

This Christmas candle from Bath and Body Works:

One non-Christmas related item that I have been in love with for a while is a lipstick from Too Faced. They are called La Creme and they are la mazing...too much? Anyway, check them out. They remind me of the ever popular Revlon Lip Butters, but they are better in my opinion. They are pretty pricy, but you actually get a lot more actual product than the revlon ones. I have six shades..... help. (I have Spice Spice Baby, In the Buff, Honey Bear, Sweet Maple, Naked Dolly, and Cinnamon Kiss.)

Another makeup related item I've been loving all fall and into "winter" (not winter to me unless it stays below 70 degrees) is this blush from MAC. It's called "Plum Foolery" and (from experience) it only takes a little bit.

I was just introduced to this stuff by a friend. It's Caren Original's Hand Treatment. I don't know how easy it is to find this brand, but I've seen it in several boutiques around. I'm not big on lotions and such in general (I just don't think about using them unless they are right in front of my face), but this is the best hand cream. The scents aren't to die for, but they're subtle, so it doesn't bother me.

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